Access Bars® classes


Dearest Reader!


It’s a joy for me that I can share with you my review on my sessions and classes which I have done with Agnès!

Spending most of my life in my head I always have had a very cautious attitude towards all new things which were either unknown or strange to me.

Always looking for some mental solution so that I could control the situation. 


But…, yes “but”, as I am curious by nature I can’t let go of the idea to find out if there is some truth about it. And I tell myself, “What do I’ve got to lose and what is it that I actually can gain out of it?”


To be completely honest with you all, I was very mental and in rejection that Access Consciousness would ever get close to the experiences I have had with ThetaHealing or other modalities. After the first session either the Access bars or a session with clearings I would still remain in my mental attitude, wondering, doubting and questioning if this would work for me. 


A few Access Bars sessions and Access clearings sessions later I finally started to slowly and consciously let go of my defenses and would finally be able to surrender and allow myself the changes that Access could offer me. And changes started to happen, because I chose it. Everyday in every way I am seeing changes happening by either doing sessions with her or using them on my own. Of course some days I don’t feel much of a shift during a session, which is also very normal. A word of good advice which will make the changes happen quicker. Be in allowance, surrender and have confidence in the process. 


Agnès is very patient and offers you, me and all of her clients and students the space and time to choose. 

She is kind hearted and can help in locating and releasing our blind spots with ease, kindness and presence.


Be the change you wish to see in the world. It all comes down to making a choice and allowing it to change. It is all up to you! 


Until soon! 


Kind Regards,


Gary N., 11 July 2019


The webinar on releasing limiting beliefs related to hypersensitivity (note from Agnès : using the Access Consciousness tools and the clearing statement) was extremely helpful. Agnes tuned into the energy of the group and guided us to release negative beliefs that affect all of us individually. It allowed me to bring to awareness very deep-seated fears that I had absorbed from my closest family and release them. I have been overall much calmer the following days, was able to sleep much better without the anxiety dreams I had been experiencing for weeks. It is also great that you an re-listen to the webinar as often as you need after allowing to reinforce the clearing process. Agnes is extremely intuitive and has a very loving energy that you can sense throughout the process. I highly recommend her webinars, they are very effective.


Thank you again Agnès :)

Elitsa Mincheva, 30 June 2019


Agnès, thank you for your abundant teachings and your soft and light presence.

In my case, I could have done the class in Liège (where I live) but I preferred to attend your class because I know the quality of your teachings and I am always happy to see you again :)

Coraline Deprez

(translated from French)

Agnès, the way you teach is genuine, rigorous, soft and precise, full of humour and spontaneity ! Yess... Nothing less ! A wise mix that made this day magical for me ! You're at the right place for you and it works very well !

Olivier Colard

(translated from French)

Dearest Agnès, you explained the theory and the practice in a clear way and with nice examples, I was feeling at ease and satisfied by the class :  "Goal achieved".

Bravo, Bravo, Bravo.

Many thanks and see you soon.

Bouchra Yakouti

(translated from French)

Access Bars is a very interesting healing modality which I would certainly recommend. The energy of the workshop was wonderful and I learned a lot from both the theoretical part and the exercises. I began to see results as soon as the following day!


Agnes is excellent at teaching this course which she does in a very structured and rigourous way, as well as with a lot of lightness and joy. 

Elitsa Mincheva (2 January 2019)