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ThetaHealing® Master, Dubai 2018

Agnès Suska and Vianna Stibal, ThetaHealing® founder

My name is Agnès Suska. I was born in Mielec in Poland on the 15th of June 1986.

My mother, brother and I came to Belgium when I was eleven and I have been living in Brussels since then.

I hold a Master's degree in Belgian law (ULB) and a Master's degree in European law (College of Europe Bruges) and I started my professional career with law.

After graduation I worked for a few years as a legal consultant in the public and private sector under different statuses ; as a trainee at the DG for Competition of the European Commission then as self-employed for the public sector for TIPIK, an agency outsourcing contracts from the European Commission and for the private sector for private clients, and finally as an official with the Belgian Social Security Institution, the "Office National des Vacances Annuelles".

Since 2011 I entered a process of consciousness transition, which helped me to better understand and integrate my intuitive abilities. In 2013, following some spiritual experiences, I was progressively guided towards what one could call "my life mission".

In 2014 I discovered ThetaHealing®. I was at that time and since long years in a state of deep psychological pain which also manifested in various ways on the physical level. ThetaHealing helped me where other therapies and techniques did not. I feel a lot of gratitude for this help which completely transformed my life.

Since I discovered ThetaHealing I followed most of the ThetaHealing Practitioners' Seminars with various instructors in various countries and Instructors' Seminars with Vianna Stibal, the founder of the technique.


In 2015 I also certified in two levels of Reiki and in 2016 I followed an Access Consciousness Bars® seminar. 

In October 2016 I quit my legal career and started practicing and teaching ThetaHealing full-time. So far I have given more than two hundred and eighty ThetaHealing sessions and taught more than fifty ThetaHealing seminars in French, English and Polish.

In 2018 I also certified in New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation© technique.


Since 2018, I facilitate Access Consciousness Bars. I continue to follow Access Consciousness® classes as this technique has also highly contributed in my evolution and I wish to transmit the teachings of Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer, the founders. Gratitude from the bottom of my heart.


Since November 2018, I hold the ThetaHealing® Master title. 

The work I have done on myself with ThetaHealing, and later with Access Consciousness, helped me overcome my traumas, my fears, step out of my comfort zone and "create" the life I desired. I am full of gratitude to be able now to help others heal their wounds, overcome their fears, reconnect with their potential and move forward with confidence and serenity towards the fulfillment of their dreams and desires on the professional and private level.

Individuals and therapeutic professionals who come to follow my seminars first work on themselves and then/or help others and that way we all contribute to make this world a safer place filled with compassion, love and joy.

Love and gratitude,

Agnès Suska

"I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become."

Carl Gustav Jung

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