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Processus corporel d'Access pour être hors contrôle et créer au-delà des limitations

de cette réalité

29 février 2024, 14h-17h

Processus corporel d'Access pour détendre les muscles tendus et noués

29 février 2024, 18h-21h

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This process releases emotional, energetic and physical trauma from the body.  

and any sensation of the body being stuck, locked up, tense or constricted.


  • You've been through all kinds of repetitive emotional trauma  that affected and/or affect your body,           

through headaches,  in the stomach or other parts of the body

  • You have suffered trauma and physical shocks 

  • You have had prolonged movement restrictions

  • You have developed a high tolerance for pain  (and through that you started denying your body

and disconnect from him)  due to long periods of emotional or physical trauma




*offer and receive process twice

*through the process, allow the body to release all these traumas


At the end of the class you will receive a certificate;  

you can continue to practice the process on loved ones and/or on your clients and on yourself!


How does a bodily process take place?


You will put your hands on the parts of the body concerned by the body process

(e.g. skull, solar plexus, kidneys, etc.) and "calling" the energies of the body process

which will then circulate in the body  who receives the process.




date:  February 21 5:30-9 p.m.

Location: Brussels, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert


Investment: €70

For people who participate in  

"26 days to receive your body and its abilities": 60 €

For more information on this event:


Registration :

Processus corporel d'Access pour fracturer les limitations

et permettre le changement total sur Terre

3 mars 2024, 15h-18h

2024.03 Processus Fracturer limitations (1).png
2024.03 Processus jouvence.png

Processus corporel d'Access pour activer la jouvence

5 mars 2024, 14h-17h

Processus corporel d'Access pour éliminer les douleurs

au niveau de la colonne vertébrale

5 mars 2024, 18h-21h

2024.03 Processus colonne vertébral.png
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