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All the Access® body processes lead to a greater feeling of relaxation and letting go within the body. They allow the body to release any sensation of heaviness and “knots”, so you can reach a feeling of more space and openness.


More specifically, each body process releases the energies that relate to it. There are more than 60 different body processes and during a class you learn one of them and gift and receive two sessions with the body process. Body processes can help release a very wide range of energies like, for example, stress, feelings of powerlessness, emotions and feelings from the past, emotions, feelings and energies that you duplicated and/or absorbed from other people, … Some other can help strengthen the immune system, the nervous system, allow for more energy and sense of possibilities in the body, … With each class, the body process and its specificities will be described.

There are no upcoming classes in English. If you’re interested in this class in English, please contact me. If you speak French, you can have a look at my class calendar in French as classes in French are organized on a regular basis.
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