The ThetaHealing® Basic Seminar helps you find out about the technique and how to apply its various tools in order to help yourself and/or others. By practicing ThetaHealing you will be able to clear your fears, negative emotions and blocks and transform your negative limiting beliefs that do not allow you to move forward in your life.

Various exercices during the seminar and the subsequent practice with the tools you will be taught will help develop your intuitive abilities.

These are a some of the things you will be able to learn during the ThetaHealing® Basic Seminar:

  • The story of the founder of the technique, Vianna Stibal;

... in theory and with practical exercises:

  • The power of words and thoughts;

  • The five brain waves;

  • The chakras and psychic senses;

  • The concepts of free agency, co-creation and witnessing an energy treatment;

  • How to enter the Theta state in a fast and efficient way;

  • How to do an intuitive reading;

  • How to give an energy treatment individually and in group;

  • How to identify the limiting beliefs and the blocks, the “core” beliefs and all the levels of beliefs (with muscle tests);

  • How to transform the limiting beliefs in positive beliefs;

  • How to create feelings that one has never experienced in this life;

  • How to give a ThetaHealing session to yourself or to another person using the two „digging” technques : „What do you wish to change in your life” and „What is your greatest fear”?

  • The Seven Planes of Existence (brief introduction);

  • How to communicate with Guardian Angels;

  • How to clear your energetic space by sending waywards and the fallen to the light;

  • How to clear your energetic space from psychic attacks;

  • How to clear your energetic space from soul fragments of other people and how to get back your soul fragments;

  • How to manifest what you desire in your life;

  • How to manifest a soul mate for love, for friendship or for work;

  • How to read the future;

  • How to repair the genes;

  • The DNA activation : activation of the youth and vitality chromosomes.

The practical exercises make up 70 % of the seminar. During the basic seminar you will witness two demonstrations of a ThetaHealing session and you will have the opportunity to give two sessions and to receive two sessions to and from another practitioner, which will allow you to transform your limiting beliefs.

After the seminar you will be able to practice the technique by working on yourself - on your own or through session swaps with other practitioners - and/or help other people (or clients for the professionals).




The seminar is taught during three days - Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday the whole day.

The investment is 420 euros and includes the seminar, Vianna Stibal’s book in English, the Practitioner’s Manual in English, the official ThetaHealing® Practitioner’s certificate from THInK and snacks during breaks (no lunch).

A non-refundable deposit of 100 euros is required to secure your spot and the seminar.

For people who repeat the seminar within a period of two years, a discount of 50% applies, whereas for those who repeat it within a period of two to four years, a discount of 30% applies.

For people who did the seminar with another instructor and want to repeat it, a discount of 30% applies.

After the ThetaHealing basic seminar, you will be able to take part in the ThetaHealing advanced seminar.


Here is the "ascent" into the Theta state, recorded at the basic formation of October 2018.


I wish you a great experience!

Méditation dans l'état Theta (extrait formation de base octobre 2018) - Agnès Suska
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