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The ThetaHealing® modality is a quantum energy technique founded in 1995 by Vianna Stibal.


ThetaHealing helps us transform fast various aspects of our life. This technique is practiced in the altered state of consciousness called Theta, which is also the state of consciousness we reach just before falling asleep. This state of consciousness helps reach easily our subconscious and our intuitive abilities.


We were in this state of consciousness most of the time until the age of 5. In this period of our life, we absorbed and integrated most of the fears, beliefs and other restraints that conditioned the people we lived with. This is also the period during which our traumas had the biggest impact and conditioned our life in the deepest and often unconscious ways. Working in this same state of consciousness gives extraordinary results.


It should be noted that the limiting beliefs, the fears and other blockages are created in our subconscious as a consequence of all our experiences in life, starting from our conception until our present age. These beliefs include also the memories of our ancestors and the so called “collective beliefs”. The subconscious conditions most of our automatisms, behaviours and our daily functioning. Given the fact that the subconscious represents around 90% of our conscience, this is the level we should work on and not only on the conscious level. For instance, the positive affirmations are only efficient after having removed the subconscious blockages, which are sometimes very deep.


ThetaHealing teaches us that we are creators of all the events that happen in our lives; our limiting beliefs, whether they are conscious or unconscious shape our lives. We then observe repeating patterns in our life and do not know what to do to change the situation, we can even blame other people or life… While we attract, “create” these situations through the beliefs of our subconscious. The subconscious is unable to judge whether its beliefs are positive or negative, it just functions accordingly.


After working with the technique, focused on a given situation in our life, we realise that our perception of the reality changes, and, as a consequence, our attitude, our reactions. Since we modify our “vibration” through the work we do, we can then attract different opportunities, more interesting for us, more adapted to whom we have become without the negative belief, the fear or any other emotion concerned. By giving ourselves the chance to grow, we also allow our environment to grow.


ThetaHealing can help us not only to move forward in our life and to reach the life we desire, be it on professional or personal level, but can also help heal psychological or even physical problems.


I am myself grateful towards Vianna Stibal for all the positive changes in my life that took place thanks to her technique and I am happy to see the evolution in the life of my clients and students.

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