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The Access Energy Facelift is an incredible process that contributes to relieving the effects of tiredness and aging on the face and in the body.


It is a very gentle, nurturing process of more than 30 energies that are activated above the chest, on the neck and on the face of the person receiving the treatment.

The process helps release various energetic memories and relaxes and energizes you at the same time.


People who have received Access Facelift sessions have noted the following changes:

  • More luminosity in the face

  • Improved skin elasticity

  • Greater clarity in the eyes

  • More shiny hair

  • A firmer chest and buttocks

  • More energy

  • A feeling of great relaxation


The Facelift session lasts about 50 minutes. Ideally, you should set aside an hour for your session to be comfortable.


The investment in yourself is 100 euros per session.

Please note: All appointments that are cancelled with less than 24 hours’ advance notice will be charged to you in full.

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