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In general, all Access® body processes allow a greater sense of relaxation and release within the body. They allow the body to release any sense of heaviness and “knots”, leading to a feeling of greater space and openness.


In particular, each body process helps release energies related to that specific process.

There are more than 60 different body processes related to different kinds of energies.


These are a few examples of what specific body processes can help with :


  • Releasing stress locked in the body

  • Releasing the feeling of powerlessness

  • Changing the feeling of lack of energy

  • Releasing emotions and feelings from the past

  • Strengthening the immune system, etc.


During the individual session, I will activate the energies of one or more body processes on your body, based on your request and what you would like to change and the energies that are being brought up by your request.


An individual session for a body process lasts about 50 minutes.


Ideally, you should set aside an hour for your session so you can be comfortable.


The investment in yourself is 100 euros.


Please note: All sessions that are cancelled with less that 24 hours’ notice will be charged to you in full.

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