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The Abuse Hold is an Access body process that allows to release the effects of past abuse that has affected or still affects your body.


When you've been abused, whether it's mental, physical, emotional, monetary or any other form, you lock that in your body and try to hold it away from yourself and the rest of the world. You're always prepared for the next abuse to be delivered at you. Literally, you rigidize and stress your body to always be on-alert.


For this process to be carried out, you first need to listen 30 times a recording of energy clearings by Gary Douglas that will release the effects of abuse on an energetic and psychological level.


The Abuse Hold body process will then allow you to release the effects of abuse from your body. The session involves activating the Abuse Hold energies and giving your body a spoon hug while holding your hands in front of your body.


The Abuse Hold session lasts for one hour and the investment in yourself is €150


The sessions take place in Brussels, Woluwé-Saint-Lambert.


Please note : All sessions that are not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance will be charged to you in full.

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