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“Hello, I’d like to leave a review for Access: All I can say is WOW!!!


Only the 4-day Foundation class changed so many things and allowed me to see life in a different way and the choices I could have, while before, I could choose without really choosing, even related to my thoughts.


Access is part of my daily life and I’d even go as far as to say that it’s part of every second.

Such a powerful tool <3

Thank you, Agnès, for these magnificent class days. You give so much and all the skills you have really touched me, I’m fascinated by them.



Evguenia Rechetnikova

9 November 2020, after the Access Consciousness Foundation class




“Thank you, Agnès, for sharing your knowledge, for the opening up of awareness that takes place during every class that I am so lucky to take in your company. After each class, my life is changing and evolving with huge steps forwards.


You’re a GOLDEN facilitator!

Thank you.”


Evguenia Rechetnikova

20 October 2020, after the Access Bars® class



“A huge THANK YOU to you, Agnès, for this precious day. With your generous personality, you were easily able to put me at ease.


In a warm and friendly setting, you effectively shared your knowledge. The wonderful person you are, smiling all the time, you convey happiness and sparkles, which reinforces your teaching. A huge thank you.



Best wishes.“


Huguette Wilderjans. 

19 October 2020, after the Access Bars® class



“I’ve already written about the many talents Agnès has and can only confirm these (now, over the last 5 years!).


Right now, I’d like to share my experience with the online sessions and classes/seminars. I must admit, I was very reticent for years (even though I’m young and up to date with technology) and I wanted to do everything “in person”.


At some point, a few months ago, I decided to conquer this psychological barrier and try things online. I was greatly surprised, as I noticed there was no difference in the experience and what I was feeling or perceiving. I didn’t expect to benefit from this fully, but indeed, I did. Now, I find it’s even more practical to do it online!


Thank you Agnès!”



(On individual, group sessions and classes/seminars online)



For some months now, I’ve been taking part in the webinars (online group sessions) organised by Agnès. Every time, it’s an extremely interesting and transforming experience.


To enhance the effect of the sessions, I started listening to the webinars again as advised by Agnès. The experience is incredible! Every time I get new awareness, more ease and a more possibilities opening up to me.


As soon as I feel my energy field is closing down, I either say the phrases myself (through listening, it becomes easier and almost automatic) or I listen to a webinar again. If I don’t have time, I listen while I’m eating, cleaning the house, out walking or falling asleep. Sometimes I listen once, sometimes I loop the webinars. This tool is really wonderful, bountiful and what’s more, very enlightening when it comes to how we function energetically. “How does it get any better than that?”


Moreover, when you’re with Agnès, you’re treated with her sweetness, optimism and kindness.”


Anne Flo

12 March 2020, online clearing sessions


“Agnès truly shows great empathy. She’s passionate about what she does. She always offers more than what is necessary, with the aim of caring and giving. I really enjoyed my first Access Bars class with her.”


Aureliano Naviliat

21 November 2019, after the Access Bars class



“I recently took part in the Access Consciousness Foundation class with Agnès Suska.


The class had a great effect on me. It literally boosted my confidence in the process and in myself to always go further when making the choice to change!


This is a class different from others; It’s created through following the energies related to the questions asked by the students. It can seem strange but also fascinating to see that the group isn’t the group it is by chance, but because everyone has something to bring to each other, everyone adds a stone to the edifice of the other group members. This really goes to show, (if indeed necessary), that this chosen method is the right one.


The clearings are powerful and the tools and body processes are exceptionally useful!


What else can I say: Agnès is in a very good shape! During the entire class, she demonstrates a growing potential to teach with ease and efficiency. Also, she can generate change in the students through her clearings. She clearly enjoys passing on her knowledge and the students enjoy the same pleasure in receiving it.


So, when’s the next class?”


Tania Huber

18 October 2019, after the Foundation class


“The Foundation class is a four-day journey into another dimension where you explore the potency of the choice of possibilities and the possible choice of our potency!


4 rich and emotionally intense days under Agnès’ watchful, attentive and caring eye.


 A truly wonderful human adventure.”


Carol Devleeshouver

20 October 2019, after the Foundation class



“When I started Agnès’ webinars on releasing limiting beliefs, I didn’t think I’d see such a change or that this would have such an impact on my life. 


I started with the webinar related to financial abundance. Straightaway, while listening to it, I felt things releasing; I started to cry without knowing why, but afterwards, I felt a sense of peace.  All the time while listening, according to the beliefs that were covered, I felt like I was getting things off my chest, sometimes shivers and also a few muscle spasms. I found this had a strong physical effect on me.


The second webinar was about releasing beliefs concerning the body. I only thought I had a few beliefs about my body in terms of my weight, but I realised many others were being released.  Far more beliefs resonated within me - even collective beliefs about our people and cultures that aren't necessarily ours, but still have an impact on us.


I regularly listen to the webinar recordings and each time I listen, new things are released.


I’d like to thank Agnès from the bottom of my heart for having created these webinars that allow my work of releasing blocks to be easier. I can do this at home without losing time (compared to having to go somewhere else) and when it suits me.”


Muriel Maniquet

16 September, webinars; online clearing sessions


Dearest Reader!


It’s a joy for me that I can share with you my review on my sessions and classes which I have done with Agnès!

Spending most of my life in my head I always have had a very cautious attitude towards all new things which were either unknown or strange to me.

Always looking for some mental solution so that I could control the situation. 


But…, yes “but”, as I am curious by nature I can’t let go of the idea to find out if there is some truth about it. And I tell myself, “What do I’ve got to lose and what is it that I actually can gain out of it?”


To be completely honest with you all, I was very mental and in rejection that Access Consciousness would ever get close to the experiences I have had with ThetaHealing or other modalities. After the first session either the Access bars or a session with clearings I would still remain in my mental attitude, wondering, doubting and questioning if this would work for me. 


A few Access Bars sessions and Access clearings sessions later I finally started to slowly and consciously let go of my defenses and would finally be able to surrender and allow myself the changes that Access could offer me. And changes started to happen, because I chose it. Everyday in every way I am seeing changes happening by either doing sessions with her or using them on my own. Of course some days I don’t feel much of a shift during a session, which is also very normal. A word of good advice which will make the changes happen quicker. Be in allowance, surrender and have confidence in the process. 


Agnès is very patient and offers you, me and all of her clients and students the space and time to choose. 

She is kind hearted and can help in locating and releasing our blind spots with ease, kindness and presence.


Be the change you wish to see in the world. It all comes down to making a choice and allowing it to change. It is all up to you! 


See you soon! 


Kind Regards,


Gary N.

11 July 2019, Access Consciousness classes



The webinar on releasing limiting beliefs related to hypersensitivity (note from Agnès: using the Access Consciousness tools and the clearing statement) was extremely helpful. Agnes tuned into the energy of the group and guided us to release negative beliefs that affect all of us individually. It allowed me to bring to awareness very deep-seated fears that I had absorbed from my closest family and release them. I have been overall much calmer the following days, was able to sleep much better without the anxiety dreams I had been experiencing for weeks. It is also great that you can re-listen to the webinar as often as you need after allowing to reinforce the clearing process. Agnes is extremely intuitive and has a very loving energy that you can sense throughout the process. I highly recommend her webinars, they are very effective.


Thank you again Agnès :)

Elitsa Mincheva, 30 June 2019, online clearing sessions


“My first meeting with Agnès took place when I completed the basic ThetaHealing seminar -  the first, followed by many others, including the amazing Intuitive Anatomy seminar - which is an energy technique she practices masterfully.


When Agnès told me about Access Consciousness, explaining that this energy technique could complete ThetaHealing and that I’d love it… I was completely open and curious as to what this could be, considering that Theta is so powerful!


And, in fact, I wasn’t disappointed: The Access Consciousness technique is different to ThetaHealing, as it is based on other principles, however they complement each other. In just one day, the basic Access class equips you with many fabulous tools to start to change your life and to change the world, as a consequence.


A few simple formulas to learn by heart and the 32 bars (a set of acupressure points on the head) that you learn during this first contact session will open up the field of possibilities, greater that you have ever imagined!


Agnès also proposes webinars on different topics (for now I have done those on money and the body) that last one hour and a half and that allow, for a small price, to get awareness which allow change on the energetic level.


The unique charisma that Agnès has, her gift as a medium and her wonderful human experience, as well as her kindness, make her an unparalleled facilitator and practitioner of energy techniques. You’ll be delighted to meet her and have an appointment with her!”


Tania Huber

17 June 2019, Access classes and online clearing sessions



“I took part in the webinars on money and the body and for each of them, the clearings Agnès did were incredibly accurate and resonated with me. The clearings followed the energies created by the group, but I could see myself in all the beliefs that came up and I think it was the same for everyone. The webinars generate much enthusiasm within the group. You feel relieved of what was weighing you down and less alone to be confronted with this kind of limitation. Receiving the recording afterwards is a great gift to release limitations on a deeper level while listening to it again. Thank you, Agnès, for this superb creation!”


Natacha Cerf

16 June 2019, online clearing sessions




“I took part in a webinar to release limiting beliefs concerning money given by Agnès Suska. I loved the clearing dimension with a group, as it allows to deal with the topic on a deep level. Some questions are asked that we might not have thought of by ourselves. Agnès’ work is, as always, incredibly pertinent and spot on.


The platform is easy to use. You communicate by typing in the chat box and if you wish, you can speak using your microphone. The ambiance is respectful. Everyone’s questions are considered and the effects of the clearings are beneficial for the whole group.

You feel understood within the group and included, as you are with others who have the same issues.


I am taking private sessions with Agnès, but I also registered for three webinars as I find it completes well private sessions.


So, yes, you can work on yourself, sharing a good moment with the group, while comfortably seated on your sofa and for a small investment. I really recommend it!”


Sanja Kalcic

6 June 2019, online clearing sessions





“I took part in an Access Bars class lead by Agnès. It was fun and I was in good company while everything was still very professional. Agnès explains things very well and is there to listen. I discovered effective tools that I’ve now put in place as part of my daily life.


I’ve also started individual verbal facilitation sessions online with Agnès and these are incredible. The sessions are deep and they clear blockages by tackling their roots. I felt a difference from the very same day (I was more at ease, happier, with a peaceful and clearer mind and enjoying better sleep). I particularly recommend Agnès, as she is warm, human, attentive and passionate about helping others.”


Sanja Kalcic

10 May, after the Access Bars class




“I noticed changes in my life from the very next day after the Access Bars class. I could separate myself from what was encumbering my mind and open myself up to new perspectives. The class also gave me important awareness to continue to move forward and this day was a day of rapid change and big steps forwards for me. In addition to the Bars, Agnès teaches several other Access tools for you to use in daily life. This teaching has been very valuable for me and I use it every day to improve my mood and my state of mind. It’s simply magic :-). I’d like to send my warm thanks to Agnès for passing on her knowledge with such joy, passion and talent.




Natacha Cerf

10 May 2019, after the Access Bars class





“Agnès is an excellent facilitator.

She’s not only a great teacher with incredible knowledge, but also clear, listens to you, is attentive, super-caring and above all, you feel that her heart goes into everything she does. She does everything properly without being too serious! Her great humanity is clear in the way she speaks and through her entire approach. She radiates happiness in sharing her knowledge and helping others to be truer to themselves. As a result, you learn while having fun, with no pressure… which is really nice!” 


Vincent Burgers, coach

16 January 2019, after the Access Bars class




“For several months now, I’ve been practicing the Access questions (a note from Agnès: these are part of the Access Bars class) focusing on my situation related to money and work, a topic I was not putting any awareness on in the past. I was really suffering due to recurring emotions and set patterns of thought related to this topic and I was really ready for things to change. When beginning this practice, I didn’t believe it could work, but part of me felt there was a new possibility. It didn’t work out with the questions straight away, but I didn’t give up.


A friend then recommended that I should do an Access Bars session as well. The very next day, I booked an appointment with Agnès Suska. The first session was like a clearing of all the painful thoughts that I’d been stuck with for months, leaving new space, so I could feel a greater sense of being present in my daily life. The following day, I got a provisional job, so I could reimburse a large part of my "expenses" from the past. I kept practicing the questions, clarification and clearing statements and my second Access Bars session reconnected me to true joy that I hadn’t felt for months. 


I really recommend Agnès Suska and thank her infinitely for her caring presence, her commitment and knowledge of Access Consciousness, which allowed me to trust the process.”



8 January 2019, on Access Bars sessions





Access Bars is a very interesting healing modality which I would certainly recommend. The energy of the workshop was wonderful and I learned a lot from both the theoretical part and the exercises. I began to see results as soon as the following day! 


Agnes is excellent at teaching this course which she does in a very structured and rigourous way, as well as with a lot of lightness and joy. 

Elitsa Mincheva 

2 January 2019, after the Access Bars class




“Taking part in the class given by Agnès guarantees your learning will be relaxed and structured.

Relaxed - because Agnès breathes the relaxation needed for everyone taking part to feel at home.

Structured - because Agnès wisely avoids digression that would go against the course originally conceived by Gary Douglas and Dain Heer.


She’s a true therapist as well as a true teacher.”


François de Chevilly

22 December 2018 after the Access Bars class



Dearest Agnès, you explained the theory and the practice in a clear way and with nice examples, I was feeling at ease and satisfied by the class :  "Goal achieved".

Bravo, Bravo, Bravo.

Many thanks and see you soon.

Bouchra Yakouti

5 December 2018, after the Access Bars class



Agnès, the way you teach is genuine, rigorous, soft and precise, full of humour and spontaneity! Yess... Nothing less! A wise mix that made this day magical for me! You're at the right place for you and it works very well!

Olivier Colard

3 December 2018, after the Access Bars class





Agnès, thank you for your abundant teachings and your soft and light presence.

In my case, I could have done the class in Liège (where I live) but I preferred to attend your class because I know the quality of your teachings and I am always happy to see you again :)

Coraline Deprez

3 December 2018, after the Access Bars class

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