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“A huge thank you for this super weekend! I’ve met an incredible group of people who were kind, compassionate, really beautiful souls… And, of course, you, with your lovely smile, your sense of humour and most of all, the precious learning you’ve imparted!

I am starting my new life tonight, for sure! I can’t wait to follow the more advanced seminars…

Sending you all my gratitude!”


Delphine Trine

(After the Basic ThetaHealing online seminar)



“The seminar is very comprehensive and the ThetaHealing technique is powerful.

Agnès is really a lovely, dedicated and compassionate teacher.



Sara EB"

(After the Basic ThetaHealing online seminar)




“I’ve already written about the many talents Agnès has and can only confirm these (now, over the last 5 years!).


Right now, I’d like to share my experience with the online sessions and classes/seminars. I must admit, I was very reticent for years (even though I’m young and up to date with technology) and I wanted to do everything “in person”.


At some point, a few months ago, I decided to conquer this psychological barrier and try things online. I was greatly surprised, as I noticed there was no difference in the experience and what I was feeling or perceiving. I didn’t expect to benefit from this fully, but indeed, I did. Now, I find it’s even more practical to do it online!


Thank you Agnès!”



(On individual, group sessions and classes/seminars online)


“This seminar was more than intense on every level!

Agnès captures your heart, opens it up and scatters stars inside. Many possibilities open up for you.

The online seminar is just as comprehensive as being in a classroom setting. I can recommend this to anyone who wants to make immediate changes to their life.”


Aurore Mayné 

(18 August 2020, after the basic ThetaHealing online seminar)



“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


All I can say is WOW! I’d been looking for a tool like ThetaHealing for many years.


The method and you, yourself, answered so many questions that I’d been asking myself without finding the answers from other people, in a way that would be right for me… and during this seminar, EVERYTHING became clear! Everything that had been said or done really resonated in me and was truly in harmony, all your words, as if a firework display had erupted and put everything in order!


The group was super, the conditions perfect – top quality, just as I love!


I’m honoured that you taught me and passed on all this knowledge, as for me it’s important to have a teacher who knows what they’re talking about and doesn’t simply repeat what they’ve been taught! I’m really happy with my choice. Even after these three seminar days, I can already feel the transformation (and it’s only the start) and this is really great!!!


Thank you for everything you do!!!”


Evguenia Rechetnikova

(7 October 2019, after the basic ThetaHealing seminar)


“Thank you, Agnès, for the wonderful power you have when sharing your expertise. This expertise is imprinted with wonderful skills. Your art lies in your teaching quality, where you combine deep knowledge, pedagogy, humour and ease, all endowed with respect, caring and love.


I say BRAVO.”


Sylvie François

(6 October 2019, after the basic ThetaHealing seminar)



“Thank you, Agnès, for sharing ThetaHealing. Since completing the basic seminar, my life has changed and my transformed outlook has shown me new possibilities. Freed of certain blockages, I feel more at ease and, at the same time, more grounded. In practicing the ThetaHealing, some wonderful things have happened… ‘Things’ is a catch-all word, as it’s hard to put what’s happened into words - you have to experience it!


With gratitude”


Aliénor Dierckx

(26 September 2019, after the basic ThetaHealing seminar)



”Open up to the world and the world will come to you”.


“Everyone will have had a different experience of the in-depth and very, very intense (and not always confortable!) work that we’ve completed during these 3 weeks.

For me, the result is a huge release in terms of the fear of the unknown. To use just one word; “Released!”


Concrete proof; many more patients come to me from almost everywhere and I have no fear of meeting them with my healing specificity, which has emerged over time… a great sense of ease with “seeing” what isn’t right in each individual, being able to free them from this with the Creator of Everything That Is by my side - in an easy and effective way for my patients. I feel like I’m experiencing miracles every day.


Even if the first few days were a little difficult in re-acclimatising with family life, I very quickly found a growing, gentle reassurance, without having to convince others of what I’ve become. I can now confirm that working with sounds is my great priority. My path is clear.


Thank you, Agnès, for your unparalleled support during these times. So much awareness has taken place and continue to take place. I feel such happiness!”


Anne-Flo Vanden Perre

(19 March 2019, after the Intuitive Anatomy 3-week seminar)



“I’ve had 3 lovely, enriching weeks.

During the “Intuitive Anatomy” seminar, Agnès taught us as much as possible, with precisions and abundant examples.

Thank you, Agnès, for your caring.”


Véronique D.

(11 February 2019, after the Intuitive Anatomy 3-week seminar)



 “I took part in the Intuitive Anatomy seminar and I felt very lucky to have done so, as it was a real gift to be able to work so intensively and comprehensively on my fears and physical problems, to free myself from so many beliefs and negative emotions, thanks to my peers there in the session.


It’s exciting to find out about all the links between systems/organs and beliefs/emotions. I’ve learned to listen to my body and to understand it. I’m really happy and find this new knowledge enriching.


Agnès’ teaching is very dynamic and generous, she explains very clearly and is always there to answer our      questions, to help and support us. She helped us to reveal ourselves and to have greater confidence in our abilities. Thank you for everything you shared, for your sense of humour and kindness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


Natacha Cerf 

(16 February 2019, after the Intuitive Anatomy 3-week seminar)



“ThetaHealing  - what an amazing discovery! The method is easy, very intuitive and quickly increases the intensity of meditation and perceiving. What’s more, ThetaHealing entails huge possibilities! The seminar description convinced me very quickly and I wasn’t disappointed. Agnès creates a caring and gentle environment, making you feel quickly at ease and in trust… therefore, swiftly creating a lovely, cohesive group, helping you to evolve and learn while surrounded by love. I continue to practice daily and I feel that with every day, my life belongs to me a little more, that I can find my way and my inner voice. Obviously, things don’t just become rosy all of a sudden, but the tools help me to overcome obstacles more easily and to learn from my experiences. This method has really given a new impetus to my life at a time when I felt disoriented and lacking in energy. I can highly recommend this seminar!”


Mirka Vanegdom

(after the basic ThetaHealing® seminar)



“I discovered ThetaHealing through a therapist friend. I wanted to improve my ability to connect to the Source so I could help my patients more: to receive information about what they needed for their therapy session (osteopathy or energy healing).


I discovered a dimension that I didn’t know about and a wonderful tool for working on myself, very gentle, yet powerful and transforming. Also, full of love. My initial objective has been surpassed, reaching beyond my hopes and opening to all the possibilities, which bodes well for further surprises, both on a personal and professional level. My perception of life is quite different and this hasn’t taken long to achieve (just a few months).


Agnès is an outstanding teacher: this applies both in terms of her teaching and in how she supports her students during the practical exercises. Thank you! Also, thanks to the Creator of all possibilities for countless perspectives emerging before my very eyes.”


Anne Florence Vanden Perre



“ThetaHealing has given me a lot. This is a fabulous technique that has helped me to unblock my limiting beliefs and fears and to move forwards in the direction of the life I desire! The individual sessions with Agnès have helped me even more, as she has the gift of perceiving what is blocking. With caring and love, she significantly contributes to the evolution of beings by imparting her knowledge so we can connect with ourselves and others.”


 Christel Pauwels


“Thank you, Agnès for helping us to benefit from this method, which is complete, easy and divine. ThetaHealing has given me accessible tools to work on myself and on others both thoroughly and safely. I use this method in all areas of my life; my relationships, finances and in my spiritual life, etc. It has answered the questions I was asking myself and completes all the other seminars I took part in. This method has helped me to progress on my path, to grow and has made me realise just how strong and divine we can be when working with the Source energy. Whether you’re a believer or not - it doesn’t matter - the sacred vibration this technique gives us access to is unconditional love, how can we resist it? J It heals us, helps us and connects us to our essence so we can express it here on Earth.


Thank you, Agnès, for your incredibly in-depth seminars, thank you for taking us under your wing and for guiding us to use ThetaHealing in the best way possible.

With love and gratitude.”


Agnieszka Tarka


“This weekend, I discovered ThetaHealing through the basic seminar given by Agnès and there’s just one word I have to say about it WOW. This is an incredible practice for personal development and a very powerful and effective tool, which brings awareness and change on all levels of consciousness and energetically. Agnès gives you real added value through her teaching, her openness, her intuition, her ability to listen and throughher availability. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I can't wait to experience the advanced seminar in 15 days.”


Muriel Maniquet 

(after the basic ThetaHealing seminar)





“I had a therapy session with Agnes on Skype on 3 March this year and during the session and immediately afterwards, I felt the benefits of the new equilibrium put in place. During the session, I felt Agnes’ constant and caring presence and a flow of energy, both powerful and pleasant, remodelling my mind. I didn’t know the approach used, however, I felt a sense of trust and respect as I was guided through exploring my problems and their roots, treating the many beliefs that lay at their origin. Through a deep connection with it, Agnès spoke to my soul and transmitted a wonderful feeling of being connected to something much greater than us, made of subtle energies and infinite wisdom.




Anna Ramazzoti




“I completed the basic and advanced seminar with Agnès Suska. Her teaching, intuition, presence and caring helped me to rediscover the tools again, to integrate them and to pass them on. I thoroughly enjoyed our days together.


Humour is one of the keys that Agnès uses to make the work light and spontaneous. This allowed me to open up to these new fields of experience. The Theta tool is a part of my daily life and I recommend it to everyone!!


With Love and Gratitude”


Marie Close




I experienced ThetaHealing with Agnès in the beggining of February and I’m really happy about it. During the session, I felt many emotions and also, physical sensations. I was able to see the results from the very next day 😊. I strongly recommend this therapy as Agnes has a lot to bring to others☀


A little update: after several sessions with Agnès where I was quickly able to see the results, I followed the basic seminar, then the advanced and the Dig Deeper one (I already registered for the Manifestation and Abundance seminar). After just 2 weeks of working on myself, I could see the effects. Through my daily Theta practice, I get rid of my limiting beliefs and replace them with positive programs. I see changes in my life, day after day and I feel true pleasure in using it for my personal development, as well as to help those around me.”


Rosalie Bitoak



Agnes is one of the most gifted healers and therapists I have met. On a professional level, she is rigorous, structured, dedicated, extremely responsible and very organised in her work. 


Agnes is able to give profound insight on deep-seated negative beliefs that may be buried in your subconscious mind, holding you back in different areas of your life. She can then assist you to do very profound work to release these blockages at a deep subconscious level leading to a profound transformation of your inner and outer world. As a teacher, she is very structured and available for her students. On a personal level, she is genuine, empathic, understanding and very easy to relate to. If you are committed to changing your life for the better, she is the best person to assist you with that!

Elitsa Mincheva




“I met Agnès a few years ago and then, lost contact. I still remembered her as a young woman in a ‘transition of consciousness’; I admired her 'metanoia', which she displayed with confidence and determination.


By a happy coincidence, a few months ago, I read an ad in a health magazine: “ThetaHealing seminar given by Agnès Suska”. There she was again! I signed up straight away. I immediately picked up on the symbiotic relationship between Agnès and TH: Of course, she teaches brilliantly, but she’s also full of the vibrant energy that TH awakens in her.


The processes and the protocols taught lead you straight to the essentials, with no frills, so you reach the 'stable' subconscious, launching then the permission to channel, correct and heal. Of course, you need to practice this regularly to excel in it, yet, I can safely say that in just one weekend of seminar, I’ve already been "successful" with two surprising exercises: the first was 'scanning' another participant to find potential “knots” in their body: I did it…! The second exercise involved connecting with soulmates: I was surprised by a very concrete manifestation the following evening…!


Through my personal exercises, swapping sessions and complementary seminars, my plan is to add TH to my current therapy practice. Work in progress…”


François de Chevilly





Agnes is a wonderful person – kind, open, honest and trustworthy. She is a real professional and organises her seminars and sessions with great skill. She will definitely help you work on different issues in your life in order to improve them. Thank you Agnes for being who you are and for everything you bring us. 

The technique in itself is very accessible and can be used by anyone, no matter what their beliefs are. It helps you work on your subconscious from where many of your problems come and release fears that have resided within you for years. You learn more about yourself and what you have to deal with in order to live your life free and happily.


Lia Champ





“Amazing experiences and life changing. One of the Best choices I ever made! :)”


Gary Nuyens





“I completed the basic Thetahealing seminar with Agnès and it’s changed my life. It is a really incredible and powerful technique! Thanks to it, I clear all my fears and limiting beliefs, one after the other. What a gift! Agnès is a beautiful person, full of humour, positive energy and gentleness. I strongly encourage you to take part in her seminasr!”





Thank you Agnès :) :)


Vincent Delannoy 


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