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Access Consciousness is a fast and powerful technique that allows you, through using questions and various verbal and body processes, to release your limitations and to free yourself of the feeling of being stuck in certain situations in your life. It helps you open up to more choice, more space and more possibilities! Gary Douglas founded the technique in the ‘90s and since then, Access has created thousands of different tools to make your life easier!


The energy clearings sessions I offer online help you to free yourself of all kinds of blocks, limitations, fixed points of view, conclusions, judgments, emotions and thoughts that you may have concerning a situation you’re stuck in. You can experience a session either individually (click here for more info) or with a group during group sessions, which are always related to a particular theme (for example, relationships or money). During group sessions, you can also ask personal questions and I clear the whole group with what is brought up by the questions. Every question is a contribution for the whole group. Individual and group sessions are recorded so you can listen more and release more layers afterwards. Please note that, for the moment, I mostly organize group sessions in French.


If you understand French, you can watch an energy clearing group session entitled “Te libérer du rôle de la mère dans les relations” (“Free yourself of the mother role in your relationships”), which I posted on YouTube in January 2022: or listen to it on SoundCloud.


I also offer in-person “body” sessions; 


Access Bars


Access Energy Facelift


Access Abuse Hold


Access body processes


To find out more about the benefits of these processes, you can click on the links above related to these sessions.


I also facilitate various Access Consciousness classes. You can click below to find out more:


Access Consciousness classes


Please feel free contact me if you have any questions:


I hope to see you soon !

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