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What are the points of view and definitions from which you function in relationships?


Also, who do these points of view belong to? Your family? Your friends? Other people whose relationships you see and then try to “fit in”?


Are you ready to create relationships that really work for you, even if it is totally different to what other people choose?


The projections, expectations and judgments upon which relationships are often built create separation rather than communion and end up destroying the relationship.


Are you ready to create beyond projections, expectations and judgments and to have a true intimacy with your partner, to be in communion with him/her?


Do you tend to give too much in relationships, to adapt, to sacrifice yourself and to cut parts of you (sometimes to exhaustion) to please your partner and so your relationship works?


And if you were willing to be totally you, without ever giving yourself up and the gifting and receiving within the relationship took place simultaneously?


Would you then choose a kind and honoring partner who would be grateful to have you in their life ?


The aim of a relationship is to improve your life, to create together 20 percent more and not to bring more drama and suffering into your life!


Having more ease in your relationships is possible and if you don’t have yet the relationship you truly desire, please, please don’t give up!


It’s important to begin with the relationship you have with yourself and to reinforce your ability to be YOU. You first need to create an intimate relationship with yourself; to honour yourself, trust yourself, be vulnerable and grateful to yourself and be in allowance of yourself. From that space, it will be easier to choose what really works for you and also to be present with what you would like to change in your life!


The 2-and-a-half-day Relationships Done Different Masterclass will give you the tools and processes that will allow you to have more choice, more space and more possibilities in any kind of relationship, including (and above all!) the relationship you have with yourself. You will receive a manual with all the tools and personal facilitation. Each question you ask contributes to the whole group. The entire class is recorded so you can listen again and each time, get access to more!


Are you ready to embark on this life-changing adventure? 




Investment in yourself: 1400 €


1050 € if you have done a Masterclass Relationships Done Different in the last 12 months.


There are no upcoming class in English. If you’re interested in this class in English, please contact me. You can also host me for a class, I am open to travel!

If you speak French, you can have a look at my class calendar in French as classes in French are organised on a regular basis.


“Hello, I’d like to leave a review for Access: All I can say is WOW!!!


Only the 4-day Foundation class changed so many things and allowed me to see life in a different way and the choices I could have, while before, I could choose without really choosing, even related to my thoughts.


Access is part of my daily life and I’d even go as far as to say that it’s part of every second.

Such a powerful tool <3

Thank you, Agnès, for these magnificent class days. You give so much and all the skills you have really touched me, I’m fascinated by them.


Evguenia Rechetnikova

After the Access Consciousness Foundation class


“I recently took part in the Access Consciousness Foundation class with Agnès Suska.


The class had a great effect on me. It literally boosted my confidence in the process and in myself to always go further when making the choice to change!


This is a class different from others; It’s created by following the energies related to the questions asked by the students. It can seem strange but also fascinating to see that the group isn’t the group it is by chance, but because everyone has something to bring to each other, everyone adds a stone to the edifice of the other group members. This really goes to show, (if indeed necessary), that this chosen method is the right one.


The clearings are powerful and the tools and body processes are exceptionally useful!


What else can I say: Agnès is in very good shape! During the entire class, she demonstrates a growing potential to teach with ease and efficiency. Also, she can generate change in the students through her clearings. She clearly enjoys passing on her knowledge and the students enjoy the same pleasure in receiving it.


When is the next class?”

Tania Huber

After the Access Foundation class


“The Foundation class is a four-day journey into another dimension where you explore the potency of the choice of possibilities and the possible choice of our potency!


4 rich and emotionally intense days under Agnès’ watchful, attentive and caring eye.


A truly wonderful human adventure.”

Carol Devleeshouver

20 October 2019, after the Foundation class

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