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Do you desire something different in your life?

Would you like to free yourself from stress, heaviness, and frustration?

What if the Access Bars class was the answer to your demand for change?





The Access Consciousness Bars® class is the first class offered by Access. There aren’t any pre-requisites to participate.

During this one-day class, you will learn:


  • The Access Bars and offer and receive two sessions

  • Some Access verbal energy tools

  • Two other body processes



The Bars are 32 points located on your head. Each point links to a different aspect of your life (for example, creativity, peace and calm, money, control, dreams, sexuality,…) and when you touch them, you can energetically release limiting beliefs, thoughts, emotions and judgments related to these points.


This process takes about an hour and you receive, lying on a massage bed, two sessions and also offer two Bars sessions during the class. An amazing process that allows you to learn to receive more!

Moreover, when you give a session, your Bars will also be activated, which means you will also receive!


The bars can contribute to:


  • Letting go of your mind, "analyses" and exhausting head-tripping

  • A feeling of more space in your head, more openness and possibilities

  • A physical relaxation and greater calmness

  • Giving your more refreshing sleep

  • More clarity and self-presence, which will help you make more fulfilling choices in daily life


As the founders of the technique, Gary Douglas and Dain Heer say:

“At worst, you will feel as if you have just had the best massage. At best, your whole life will change to be something greater, with a total sense of ease.”


After the class, you will receive a certificate and you can swap Bars sessions with other practitioners or offer them to your clients or family members.



The Access verbal energy tools are very useful, effective and easy to use in your daily life, in particular in order to :

  • Shift the negative/heavy energy of life situations in order to open up energetically to other possibilities

When you are caught up in the drama and the negative emotions concerning a situation, you are under tension, you shrink your energy and you focus on what is wrong. This prevents you from seeing and choosing something more compatible with your well-being, with joy. This tool helps opening up again and create a more expansive reality.

  • Send back emotions and thoughts that do not belong to you

This tool is very powerful and very useful for people labelled "hypersensitive", "too empathetic" who are actually very conscious of their environment and perceive many vibrations, energies, emotions that surround them. With this tool, you will be able to release them easily and stop identifying with what does not belong to you.

  • Learn to listen to yourself and verify what’s “true” for you in different situations or relating to various people.

  • Discharge energy from “headaches”, over-analysing, making judgments, constantly questioning things and having obsessive thoughts about others

  • In general, opening up your energy to new possibilities in order to attract these.



One of the processes reactivates the energy flow in the body which allows us to feel in better shape on a daily basis. The second process allows us to facilitate animals and people in the terminal phase.


The investment is 300 Euros (including VAT), which includes the class, the Access Bars® manual, headcharts with all the Bars and finger positions for the Bars sessions, an Access Bars® practitioner certificate and snacks (except lunch). For those repeating the class, the investment is 150 euros and this includes the same elements as above.


Date : 2 & 3 mai 19h-22h

Où : En ligne, sur Zoom, avec enregistrement 

Investissement : 350 €

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