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No prerequisites: For children, teenagers and adults <3

"Rainbow children are sensitive and incredibly intuitive children. A Rainbow child is a child born with infinite wisdom and the ability to change the world around him. The arrival of the Rainbow children -heaven has been expected in this world since the days of the ancients.


The Indigo children were born to usher in a new era, a new time. Although an Indigo child has incredible intuition and a fantastic ability to manifest, an Indigo child can be influenced by the negativity around them. Indigo children are now becoming Rainbow children..."


Vianna Stibal



  • What is ThetaHealing - Brainwaves - Who is Vianna Stibal - What is a Rainbow Child 

  • What are intuitive / empathic abilities - Chakras -> Exercise: Intuitive reading of an object

  • Meditation in the Theta state

  • The 7 planes of existence -> Exercise: Intuitive reading of the body

  • How to send unconditional love in a group

  • An introduction to belief work; Positive program downloads for the whole group

  • The practice of clairvoyance -> Exercises: Seeing auras - Intuitive card reading

  • The 1st Plane of Existence; Gemstones -> Exercise: Intuitively reading a gemstone

  • The 2nd plane of existence; Plants, Essential Oils and Elementals

  • Exercises: Intuitive reading of a plant and/or an essential oil - Seeing the elementals in the crystal

  • The 3rd plane of existence; Humans and animals -> Exercises: Intuitively reading an animal - Talking to the higher self 

  • The 4th plane of existence; Drums, Totems, Power Animals and Spirits

  • Exercises: Seeing and communicating with your Power Animal - Sending spirits back to the light 

  • The 5th plane of existence -> Exercises: Communication with the guardian angels - Laying of crystals and connection with one of the planes of existence or return to a past life 

  • The 6th plane of existence; The laws of the Universe -> Exercises: Communicating with a law of the Universe - 

  • Remind you of the future - Telekinesis (move objects with your mind)

  • Exercises: Sending love to the baby in the womb and recreating the broken soul

  • The 7th Plane of Existence  


The training lasts 5 days and the investment amounts to 700 euros.  


If a parent participates with a child, a reduction of 15% applies (so 1190 euros instead of 1400 euros)

and if a parent participates with two children, a reduction of 25% applies (thus 1575 euros instead of 2100 euros).

There is no date scheduled at this time.
If you are interested in this course,
do not hesitate to contact me in order to know when this one could be organized.

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