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8 JUIN 2022 20H-21H 

(suite de la session gratuite du 23 mai)

session 8 juin.png

After the two prenatal memory release sessions in January, we continue with two complementary sessions!


During the first sessions, we released the emotions and all kinds of fears that the mother had about the diseases or malformations that the fetus/baby that we were in her womb might have had. Likewise, we released other emotions that the mother had during pregnancy and which we absorbed. We also released feelings of not being wanted or loved.


If you didn't take part in the January ones, you can buy them for just €20 and join us for the next one for €20 more.


You can also join us for these two complementary sessions without having participated in the previous ones.




Dates: 17 & 21 February 11am-11.30am

Where: Online, on Zoom with replay  

You do not have to be present live, the energy sessions are as effective live as delayed;

it is also recommended to listen to them again to release more layers

Investment: €20




Thank you Agnes for your gifts to read the energy, mine in the individual sessions, that of a group in the themed sessions. Each time I am impressed to see how the group session comes to uproot or highlight very personal aspects of the problem addressed, as if through the group what belongs to me of the problem is completely explored, identified cleansed... I love these moments, it's powerful, I really like these group sessions. 
Re-listening to the recordings each time brings awareness, more in-depth cleaning.
Your energy of life, your humor, your joie de vivre, your clairvoyance and your ease in expressing what you feel give the sessions a lot of lightness.
Your voice carries all this energy of transforming life and it is like a call to life to hear the clearings again.
  You have the lightness  the fluidity and magic of  Tinker Bell to clear the paths on which we have lost our way, to open up space to  other possible ones and bring us back gently, in our spaces of choice, to continue the work.

Thanks thanks thanks  



"I have already written about Agnès' talents which I can only confirm (for 5 years now!).  

What I want to share today is my experience with online sessions and training. I must admit that I was very reluctant to do this for years (yet I am young and up to date with technology) and I necessarily wanted to do everything "face-to-face".  

At some point, a few months ago, I decided to jump that psychological barrier and try things online. My surprise was huge because I could see that there was no difference in terms of experience and experience. I didn't expect to be able to take full advantage of it, when it was. Now I find it even more convenient!  

Thank you Agnes!"


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